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Steps before proceeding:

1- Before you proceed with your analysis, you need to decide on the location(s) of the transmembrane
     segment(s) of your protein. You may know this from your experiment. Alternatively you can use
     different available prediction methods. A good collection of these methods can be found at the
     EXPASY site.
2- Use standard one-letter symbols for amino acids.
3- In each row, enter one transmembrane segment.
4- Enter desired value for the angle separating side chains along backbone (default value is 100 degree).
5- Choose which scale (or scales) you want to use.

Enter desired value for the angle separating side chains: 

Choose one (or more) scales for use:

Enter your transmembrane segments (with one-letter symbols):




* Dastmalchi S, Beheshti S, Morris MB, Church WB (2007) Prediction of rotational orientation
   of transmembrane helical segments of integral membrane proteins using new environment-based
   propensities for amino acids derived from structural analyses. FEBS Journal 274, 2653-2660.




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